Silver Delight

This delightful dichroic glass cabochon is a nubbly textured matte finish piece which is predominantly silver with hints of pink and blue showing as the light hits the cabochon from different angles. The glass and wire work are by artist Sue Lindsey

The wire is the relatively new Argentium (non-tarnish) sterling silver created by Peter Johns.

Argentium sterling silver is a relatively new tarnish resistant sterling silver. You will never have to work to return the wonderful silver shine the bracelet begins with. Clean this handcrafted bracelet as you would any jewelry that gets a bit dirty - with a non-corrosive jewelry cleaner (such as Jewel Brite) or a personal model sonic jewelry cleaner.
This fascinating pendant measures 2 3/4 inches long and is 1 1/2 inches wide.

This unique handcrafted pendant, which is one of a kind, comes with a sterling silver snake chain.

Silver Delight silverdelightpad$85.00pad